About Mørch & Mørch PR


Mørch is a leading sales agency in Scandinavia

Mørch was founded in 1996 by Lotte Mørch and has established itself as one of the leading agencies on the Scandinavian market – a placement we continuously seek to preserve and develop. Our agency is based in Copenhagen and presents a broad range of international contemporary and high-end fashion brands. We stay true to the philosophy of striving for the best service possible and believe that long-term passion speaks louder than trends. It is on the basis of this philosophy that we’ve managed to build a loyal and trustful client group.
We propose an entire solution in the expansion of a business partner’s brand in any possible way – wholesale, press and retail partnership, including retail co-labs with Magasin Du Nord (Copenhagen), Steen & Strøms (Oslo) and Stockmann (Helsinki). Mørch sales is handled from our showroom in Copenhagen, alongside showrooms in Paris, Milan, Munich and London.

“There’s a quite obvious red thread in our brand portfolio, as it is very important to me that the brands we represent have an inspiring and authentic story to be told. Whether it is the more well-established high-end brand with a clearly defined DNA or the upcoming designer brand that has yet to be established on the Scandinavian market.”
– Lotte Mørch

The addition of our full-service public relations office, Mørch PR

October 2012 marks the official launch of Mørch PR. Our expertise involve offering strategic counselling, brand activation and creative communication. With years of experience in the fashion industry, we have established a close and personal network to the press, stylists, journalists, bloggers and VIPs, and have invaluable knowledge of industry contexts and issues. We believe in working with (value) deep customer insights as key foundation for our PR activities and recommendations. Our understanding of the customers’ behavior builds on insights from focus groups and other qualitative and quantitative studies that we conduct ourselves.
Mørch PR offers customized PR solutions for brands and businesses in the fashion industry. Take a look at our PR services to see where our expertise can be of the most value to your brand.

“Mørch is in constant growth with new brand additions and exciting adventures. Our success is further endorsed by the combination of sales and PR. We put a lot of effort into PR activities that ensure visibility for our brands, and this creates incredible synergies for sales.”
– Lotte Mørch